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Help the Editor of Aquarium Fish International magazine plan the topics and issues!

The USPS truck just pulled away and you run out and eagerly fling open the mailbox in anticipation, hoping that the latest issue of Aquarium Fish International is perched inside. There it is! You can’t wait to get inside and start reading so much so that you begin flipping through the issue curbside. After a cursory flip-through, you approve of the issue’s feature and column topics, but you still would have liked to see something on keeping acan corals or your favorite marine fish, Nemateleotris decora, or perhaps you’re having pH problems and it would have been nice to have had an article addressing this; well, maybe next month, you sigh. Well, now you can have a say in what appears in different issues of Aquarium Fish International for 2012.

As a matter of course, we plan out the editorial content for the year-to-come about six months prior to January 1, so that means we’ll be putting together the AFI 2012 editorial calendar come this June. Usually we just hash it out in the editorial trenches here at our Irvine office, but for 2012 we’re asking our dear subscribers, aquarium hobbyists all, to sear their personal brands into the pages of AFI in 2012.

So don’t be bashful – let those ideas for possible feature stories fly. If you’re kind of a tech head and want an article on chemical filtration processes that occur in aquaria, leave us a comment. Or maybe you heard about a recent first-time breeding success involving a particular marine fish, let us in on the tip. Environmental-friendly reefkeeping, setting up sea grass and mangrove tanks, getting finicky fish to feed, the importance of UV sterilization when keeping corals, setting up a Rift Lake biotope for African cichlids, whatever the idea – be it livestock, freshwater, marine, equipment, do-it-yourself projects, etc. – it will all go into the mix and be considered for 2012.

Just leave your story ideas in the comment section below. We’re looking forward to using some of your ideas in 2012.


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