Help! My Kitten, Cat Plays In Water

Why do some kittens and cats love playing with water? Follow these cat water tips to keep them happy, healthy and safe.

Q: My 9-month-old kitten likes to play in her water bowl. She splashes or spills all the water out of it and goes after glasses that are sitting around so she can play with them. My kitten even pushes off the water holder on my humidifiers so she can play in that water, as well. How can I stop my cat from doing this?

A: Instead of stopping your cat or kitten from enjoying her water play, provide her with alternative water sources that are more fun and intriguing than the humidifier. Pet fountains are one alternative that encourage both cat water play and water consumption. My favorite model has a spigot type arrangement that allows cats to either drink or play in the water flow. If the water mess is a concern, the fountain can be placed on a tray with a lip or on a bathroom counter. Another alternative is a device that attaches to the water faucet – it is motion sensitive and allows water to drip or flow with a head movement or wave of a paw. They are easy to install and provide hours of entertainment to water-loving cats and their human companions. Instead of discouraging water play, I recommend providing safe and acceptable outlets for her water-loving behavior.

Some cats love playing in water. Certain breeds, such as Bengals and Turkish Vans are known for their love of water. It is not uncommon to find these cats in the shower or bathtub or helping with the dishes. It’s one of the traits that make them so special.

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