Help Is On the Shelf to Eliminate Dog Odors

Try these odor fighting products to keep your home from smelling like your dog.

Carpet powders: Look for brands formulated to fight odor rather than just mask it. Sprinkle powder evenly onto carpets. Then wait several minutes, allowing it to penetrate carpet fibers, before vacuuming.

Light rings: Ceramic, terra cotta, or metal rings, which hold small amounts of fragranced oil, are placed on top of light bulbs. Every time you turn on a light switch, the bulb heats the oil, making the room smell great. Light rings are sold in specialty bath shops and discount retail stores.

Carpet cleaners: Enzyme and odor-encapsulation formulas quickly remove the stench of urine and feces from carpets. As with any household chemical, keep them out of the reach of children and pets. Read the directions before using.

Air purifiers: Ionic air cleaners use airborne electronic charges to remove dust and odor particles. With so many brands available, buying an air purifier can be confusing. The Internet, though, makes comparing features and prices easy.

Foggers: When triggered, these canisters spray an odor-fighting mist into the air. Foggers are available in yummy scents, such as cinnamon and mango. If you plan to run errands for about an hour, set one off, and when you return, your home will smell delicious.

Performance fabric: New to the market, this material repels stains, odors, and germs. Make a slipcover out of the fabric to safeguard your sofa.

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