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My name is Leah, and I am the proud owner of a very special guinea pig named Princess Snowflake. I am a volunteer at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Shelter in Charlotte, North Carolina. That is where I found the Princess. She came to live with me on September 30, 2007, and it has taken her no time to win over my heart. She is an all-white Abyssinian guinea pig with steel blue eyes that pierce through the soul. Her “shelter name” was Chatty, because she is constantly talking (i.e. making those adorable, little squeaky noises). I renamed her Princess Snowflake, but I had no idea that she would take no time at all living up to her princess status.

The Princess is a solo-pig, and she doesn’t mind being alone so I’m going to keep her that way for the time being. She is very social and demands quite a bit of attention. She is also very bratty, just like a kid.

For instance, I keep her cage in the family room where I watch television. Well, if the Princess feels it’s time for her to get a veggie or fruit snack, she’ll let me know by running wildly around her cage. And then she’ll quickly stop, stand on her hind legs climb up the cage, and stare me down. I know that you’re supposed to discourage bratty behavior with children, and I’ve tried … I’ve really tried. But, Miss Snowflake is not having that! She will get more and more annoying. She’ll start grabbing her water bottle and banging it up against the cage, she’ll run in her igloo and drag it all over the cage, making a big mess of her bedding. She’ll kick her ball (with a bell inside) around and then run over her food dish, so that her pellets spill out. Meanwhile, she talks the whole time and pretty much tells me that she’s waaay overdue for a treat. And what can I say? I always give in because she’s just so cute! And I’m weak … I’m soo weak.

Did I mention she was a princess

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