Hello Kitty — Hello Comic-Con!

Superheroes, movie stars and Hello Kitty. One of these things is not like the other, but all of them are at Comic-Con 2013 in San Diego this weekend.

After nearly 40 years of waving hello with her widdle white paw and rocking her little red bow, Hello Kitty might be very well be in the throes of a mid-life crisis. How else do you explain this wholesome kitty rubbing elbows with the likes of “Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan” and Bodacious Space Pirates”? (Anime characters for those clearly not in the know)

Yep, Japanese Company Sanrio is bringing its iconic Hello Kitty and her feline friends to San Diego, host of the annual Comic-Con festival. From July 18-21st, San Diego will be inundated with sci-fi geeks aficionados and anime fans, many of whom will try to outdo one another with their elaborate homemade costumes often based on obscure comic-book or sci-fi characters. (To give you some perspective, my nephew Spencer attended last year’s Comic-Con dressed as Kane from the movie “Alien” — complete with a realistic paper-mache-made alien protruding from his chest.)

Hello Kitty won’t be bringing the gore — at least not in person … but more on that later — Sanrio is there to debut an interactive exhibit inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” staring Hello Kitty. The event will also unveil Hello Kitty’s first starring role in a graphic novel. (Comic-Con lingo 101: a graphic novel is a novel in the form of comic strips.) Hello Kitty is on “an adventure that takes her from being a fashion designer to a rock star to an underground explorer, where she discovers a world of wonder with magic potions, tea parties and a queen who loves tarts!”

I thought the only adventures Hello Kitty went on were as an adornment to little girls’ coin purses and on shrunk-down stationary with the teensy weensy pencil.

I think I can speak on behalf of Hello Kitty herself (someone has to because she has no mouth!) and officially announce that she no longer wants to be a kindergartener’s pin-up character. Cats aren’t pushovers, and neither is this newly revolutionized kitty. I give you Street Fighter X Hello Kitty and the even edgier Hello Kitty Zombie and Friends, tenderly described as a creepy and gory rendition of Sanrio’s most popular character.” From the looks of things, it’s obvious that Sanrio’s next move is to ax the letter “o” from this iconic white kitty’s name.

How well do you know Hello Kitty? Have you ever noticed that she is mouth-less?

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