Hello, Instagram, There’s A New Cat In Town… And He’s Gorgeous

This kitty knows he’s got gorgeous eyes and isn’t afraid to show them off.

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Just look at those eyes. Via kedialos/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

The eyes are what are often noticed first when meeting someone. They can be hypnotizing. You can get lost in the greens, blues and browns. Sometimes they’re so gorgeous you think the person could be a model… or at least Instagram famous.

Aloş, a Turkish Van cat with heterochromia (a melanin condition causing his eyes to be different colors), knows this fact and is fully aware at how mesmerizing his eyes are. His human, Burcu Kaynak, agrees, telling Bored Panda, “His eyes are the most beautiful in the world to me.” With that little bit of encouragement, Aloş convinced Kaynak that they must show off his eyes on Instagram.

We think the conversation went like this:

Aloş: “Meow.”
Kaynak: “Yes, your eyes are beautiful.”
Aloş: “Meow.”
Kaynak: “Yes, everyone does love looking at your eyes.”
Aloş: “Meow.”
Kaynak: “Instagram? Are you sure?”
Aloş: “Meow.”

The two decided to test it out and soon gained 12,800 followers. And it’s easy to see why.

1. The “My Eyes Are So Gorgeous I Don’t Even Need To Look Directly At The Camera” Look

A photo posted by Alos (@kedialos) on

Aloş knew that this first look would win over Instagram cat fans. So did Kaynak.

2. The “Does This Fabric Match My Eyes?” Look

A photo posted by Alos (@kedialos) on

At first Aloş was worried the design would take away the focus from his eyes, but Kaynak informed him that was silly.

3. The “My Concentration Is Elsewhere” Look

A photo posted by Aloş (@kedialos) on

“Meow.” Translated: “If I pretend to be looking at something down below this might make a very good picture that shows off my eyes and everyone will like it.” Kaynak agreed.

4. The “Just Look At Me From Afar” Look

A photo posted by Aloş (@kedialos) on

Aloş was tired from showing off his eyes, but Kaynak informed him it was best to do at least one more photo if he wanted to be an Instagram sensation.

5. The Selfie Look

A photo posted by Alos (@kedialos) on

Aloş was fully aware that he had nailed this look and was about to give certain celebrities a run for their money. Kaynak obtained Aloş’ list of celebrities, which included Meow Meowmeowmeowmeow.

6. The Perfect Model Look

A photo posted by Alos (@kedialos) on

“Poise. Charisma. Beauty. I have all these things, making me the perfect model,” Aloş said to Kaynak. Of course, it came out as “meow.”

7. The “I Must Get Ready For The Next Photo” Look

A photo posted by Alos (@kedialos) on

And so Aloş became the cat with the most beautiful eyes on Instagram.

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