Hello from the Underside: Cats Pictured from Underneath Photo Series Is Our New Favorite Thing!

We usually admire them from an aerial view but seeing cats photographed from beneath their bodies brings a new perspective to their beauty.

While attending an international cat show in Vilnius, Lithuania, photographer Andrius Burba felt compelled to create something new in the world of cats. Harboring a years-long fascination with cat paws (we feel you), the photographer began trolling the internet for inspiration. It was there that he discovered a single photograph that became the basis of his project.

“The idea about taking photos from underneath came from [a] similar photo which I randomly found on the internet,” Burba wrote on Bored Panda about cats’ underside photos.
“I was fascinated by their cute little paws which were impossible to resist to look at. But the main idea which I wanted to express through these photos, is that cats feel embarrassed about this part of a body which people don’t get to see daily.”

The result? “Under-Cats,” a photo series focused solely on the feline underbelly!

The project took Burba seven hours of prep, one day to shoot, and four weeks to edit – and we’ve got to admit, it’s kind of brilliant. While some cats elected to play it cool and chill in their candid, others twisted about topsy turvy to show off their athletic prowess. Take a peek at a few of our favorites below!

Under-cat 🙂

A photo posted by @andriusb1 on

(Cats) turned 180° New project comming soon!

A photo posted by @andriusb1 on

Itroducing to my new photo project about cats. #cat #photoproject

A photo posted by @andriusb1 on

To view the entire series, visit Andrius Burba Photography on Facebook. What do you think of the Under-Cats Photo Series?


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