Hedgehogs Take A Christmas Train Ride!

It’s surprising how well hedgehogs, trains and Christmas go together in this video.

hedgehog walking train tracks
Via devinsupertramp/YouTube  
Even though a hedgehog is prickly, it was surprisingly difficult to keep a hat on one.

People don’t think of hedgehogs and Christmas together, as the director of this video admits, but I think they might after seeing this video. It begins with hedgehogs exploring a wintery Christmas scene complete with presents, a model train and various hedgehog-sized buildings. The hedgehogs occasionally sport a Santa hat, bow or other adornment to really amp up the cuteness factor. Really though, hedgehogs sniffing and tromping about or cuddled up or casually riding in a train car are quite cute as they are.

Some of the best shots are when the camera “rides along” with the hedgehog to give the little guy’s point of view of this big adventure.

The finished video runs for only 1:33 minutes, but a nearly 8-minute behind-the-scenes video (see below) of the hedgehog shoot gives a glimpse into the effort required to create it. 

The video all happened because filmmaker and YouTube user Devin Graham (aka DevinSuperTramp) and a hedgehog owner named Paul talked at a Christmas party the night before. They decided a video featuring hedgehogs and Christmas had to happen, so Devin put out a call on Facebook for other hedgehog owners to join in. They also knew Buck, who is a model train hobbyist. After much work by many people, a day later they were doing the video shoot. 

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It seems they had four hedgehog explorers to work with. Devin admitted that some of the shots were a bit difficult to capture, such as the hedgehog wearing a Santa hat standing on a wrapped gift box and looking at the camera. The tricky part there was that the hedgehog didn’t want to look at the camera. He kept turning his back on it. 

The video actually posted just before Christmas 2014, but I had never seen it before and was amazed when I stumbled on it this year. It’s had more than 800,000 views, but it seems like it should really have more — like at least a million. 

Pet hedgehogs are normally solitary, but it looks like all went well during the shoot. The owners were all on hand to supervise and help out. 

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