Hedgehogs & Other Pets

Take steps to keep hedgehogs away from other pets.

Hedgehogs are small and are prey animals in the wild. Wolves, coyotes and hawks are just some of the predators that try to make a meal out of wild hedgehogs. For this reason, hedgehogs are naturally wary of animals larger than they are, and can become stressed when repeatedly exposed to dogs, cats or large birds.

Young hedgehogs can learn not to fear dogs, cats and large birds, but care should always be taken to keep the hedgehog out of reach of other pets. Even though the hedgehog’s quills are a good protection, it’s still possible for a hedgehog to be accidentally injured or killed by another pet.

If you have a young hedgehog you would like to introduce to your dog, cat or bird, allow the non-hedgehog pet some time in the room with the hedgehog’s cage until the hedgehog seems comfortable. If your hedgehog hides whenever the other animal comes in the room despite repeated exposure, it’s best not to push the issue. Keep the animals separate. Under no circumstances should the hedgehog be allowed to run loose in the same room as a cat or a dog.

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