Hedgehogs And Boats

Is it safe to take a hedgehog on a boat trip?

Q: If you are going somewhere in a car for and hour and staying there for a weekend (on a boat), can you take your hedgehog along with you?

A: Cars and boats can be a problem for hedgehogs, because some hedgehogs experience motion sickness. Give your hedgie a test-run, perhaps taking it out for a short drive, to see how this affects your pet. If all goes well, then you can transport your hedgehog in a shoebox or small plastic carrier.

If you don’t have to break down your hedgehog’s cage for the journey, leave your hedgie in its sleep box, and it can wake up in the new location. If you are going to use a shoebox or small carrier, fill it with bedding and place some newspaper or paper towels inside so your hedgehog can hide under these during the trip.

In the car and on the boat, avoid placing your hedgehog in drafts, by air conditioner ducts and in direct sunlight. Don’t leave your hedgehog in the car with the windows rolled up, even if it’s for a short time. Bring plenty of food and water. If you don’t use bottled water, bring water from your tap because that’s the water your hedgehog is used to.
Make sure the temperature does not get below 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Watch for vomiting or diarrhea, which would indicate your hedgie is getting motion sickness.

Leaving your hedgehog at home on dry land, with plenty of food and water for a few days, might make your trip more enjoyable and hassle free.

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