Hedgehog Fails To Eat And Poops Green

Why would a hedgehog stop eating and have green poop?

Q: We got a hedgehog a little more than a week ago. The hedgehog has been acting really weird. Today she pooped green. We do not think she has eaten much or drank much. She sneezed a lot the first day we got her but not since. Do you think we should go see a veterinarian, or wait and see if she gets better?

A: If this continues past a day, taking your hedgehog to the veterinarian is an excellent idea. The green stool can be due to a number of things. This could be a sign of an intestinal infection and Salmonella is a concern in hedgehogs.

The reason for concern is about Salmonella is because it can be difficult to cure and, more importantly, this can cause a severe intestinal problem in people. In younger and older people, Salmonella can land someone in the hospital and deaths are associated with Salmonella. Other bacteria that cause serious problems can infect hedgehogs and also people, and your veterinarian can check for these.

Green poop may also be seen if there is a liver problem or if your hedgehog has not eaten for a period of time. You stated that your hedgehog may not have eaten, so this may be a cause of the green color. Regardless, you need to find out why your hedgehog has not eaten as this could be a sign of serious disease.

If the green poop remains and your hedgehog’s appetite does not improve, see your veterinarian immediately.

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