Hedgehog Amazed By Great Outdoors

Pickles the hedgehog is in a constant state of discovery on his first trip outside.

Via Gavin Lusk/YouTube
This hedgehog seems amazed at what the outdoors bring.

Have you ever seen The Nightmare Before Christmas? There’s a scene in that animated film in which Jack Skellington visits Christmas Town and, amazed at everything he sees, keeps singing, “What’s this? What’s this?” That is what the hedgehog, named Pickles, in this video reminds me of.

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It’s Pickles’ first visit into the great outdoors. His owner, Gavin Lusk, posted the adventure on YouTube and captioned it with, “Pickles goes outside for the first time. His brain sort of exploded at all the new smells.” Yes, it appears it does. Pickles’ little nose is on sniff duty overload and seems to be constantly searching for an answer to whatever the heck that smell is. Hopefully Pickles figures it out.

Can’t you just hear Pickles singing, “What’s this? What’s this?”

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