Heatstroke in Dogs

Watch out for the symptoms of heatstroke and learn to prevent it.

Dogs will suffer heatstroke if exercised too strenuously on a hot day, especially if it’s hot and humid. Too little water or shade and excessive stress can also lead to heatstroke.


  • High fever, sometimes as high as 108 degrees.
  • Extreme panting or sudden stopping of panting.
  • Shock or loss of consciousness.

    Emergency Treatment:

  • Immediately move the dog to a cooler place.
  • As soon as you can, immerse the dog in cool water, or, if that isn’t possible, pack it in ice.
  • Take the dog immediately to the nearest veterinarian.

    The veterinarian will continue to cool the dog and administer fluids intravenously. Treatment may also include antibiotics and steroids.


  • Run in the early morning or evening after the temperatures have dropped.
  • Carry water for you and your dog. Stop often to drink.
  • Stop and cool off if your pet appears to be straining and panting heavily.
  • A sure danger sign is if your dog stops panting during exercise. If he does, stop immediately and cool off your dog.
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