Heartwarming Video Of Ricochet The Surfing Dog Shows The Importance Of Being Yourself

Just because she wasn't supposed to be a surfer doesn't mean she wasn't destined to be.

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Ricochet eventually found her calling, one that was right for her.

Most YouTube videos that promise something inspirational are either too sappy or are trying too hard to be taken seriously, like the poetry posted in a freshman dorm. But this video, about a would-be service dog named Ricochet, perfectly shares its sweet message about being yourself and finding your place in the world.

Ricochet was literally born to be a service dog. Practically before she’d opened her eyes, she was in a group called the Puppy Prodigies NeoNatal & Early Learning Program. As she grew, so did her skills: She learned to open the refrigerator, help pull a zipper down and even drag a laundry basket.

But her ability to get distracted by chasing birds grew, too and, reluctantly, her owner had to pull her out of service dog training. However, instead of trying to “make her something she wasn’t” — as the video explains — Ricochet was allowed to thrive by doing what she really did best: surfing. And, through her longboarding abilities, she has still been able to help others.

Ricochet and her board are fundraisers for charitable causes; her first event raised $10,000 for a quadriplegic 15-year-old boy. Although this video is a couple of years old, its main message — you’re perfect the way you are — endures, as does Ricochet’s dedication to serving others. She recently participated in the first ever ISA Adaptive Surfing Championship in La Jolla, California. Good dog.

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To learn more about Ricochet, visit her Facebook page.

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