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Heartbreaking Photos Show Cat Mourning The Loss Of Her Best Friend

Scout the cat and her BBF, a dog named Charlie, had been inseparable until his death.

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Scout and Charlie were best friends from Day One. Via onedaythiswillallbeyours/Imgur

David Bowie wasn’t my first love, but he has been one of my most enduring loves. On Monday, after the news of his passing, my mother sent me a text that said, “Death bears an awful sting, whether it is the loss of a relative, friend or someone whose accomplishments have made your life better.” Those words helped — or they will — but first, I need to be sad for a while.

I was thinking about mourning that extraordinary stranger when I saw these heartbreaking pictures of a cat mourning her very best friend, a dog named Charlie who, at the time the photos were posted, had just died of cancer.

The photos, which were shared by Imgur user onedaythiswillallbeyours, told the story of an enduring friendship between Scout and Charlie, one that began when the cat was barely a month old. Scout immediately took to Charlie, snuggling beside him when she slept and playing with him when they were awake.

Charlie seemed to enjoy his tiny companion, letting her eat right beside him and smell his ears (which was apparently her favorite thing).

The two of them were more or less inseparable — at least until cancer took Charlie from her life.

Since then, Scout’s owner has played videos of Charlie on her iPad.

Scout has responded just as she would when Charlie was still with her: by snuggling beside him, as close as she could get.

I hope you’ll be OK, Scout, if only because I know how you feel.

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