Hearings Planned for Racing Greyhound Breeders

Some health certificates for dogs were allegedly faked.

The West Virginia Racing Commission will hold hearings later this week as part of a widening investigation into whether some of the state’s Greyhound breeders have falsified health certificates for their dogs.

Offenders could face a lifetime suspension from racing their Greyhounds in West Virginia.

The action comes after one breeder, Paul Carbonneau, had his racing privileges suspended last week for allegedly altering health certificates for at least 35 of his dogs. The certificates carried the signature of a Texas veterinarian who says he didn’t examine any of Carbonneau’s dogs.

A final decision is expected later this month on a possible punishment for Carbonneau, who had a hearing before the Racing Commission last week. Hearings are being arranged this week for seven other breeders, all of whom have had their racing privileges temporarily suspended.

On March 12, Racing Commission Chairman George Sidiropolis said the number of dogs with forged certificates is “in the hundreds.”

Faked health certificates, Sidiropolis said, are humane issue for the animals above all else. If health certificates are forged, the dogs could potentially be carrying contagious illness when brought into the state.

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