Health Center Offers Dogs Full-Service Treatment

BlyLee’s Animal Health Oasis features a dog daycare, dog deli, and animal health food store, along with standard veterinary services.

Dogs in West Pasco, Wash., have a new place to be pampered – all in the name of good health. BlyLee’s Animal Health Oasis is an 11,000 square-foot full-service veterinary facility that offers animal patients a place to receive care that’s a step beyond the normal veterinary clinic.

BlyLee’s offers animal patients chiropractic, herbal, and homeopathic medicine; acupuncture; kinesiology; massage therapy; and nutritional consultation, as well as traditional veterinary medicine and surgical services.

“Our goal is to provide optimal veterinary care by making your pets part of our family,” says Julie Coleman, who, with her husband Dr. Charles Coleman, manages and co-owns BlyLee’s. “We really want our clients to look at this as not only a professional service for ill animals but also a fun environment to bring animals for lifelong healthcare maintenance and enhancement.”

In the name of fun, BlyLee’s also features creature comforts and services for animals and humans. Located within the facility is Joe Barks Espresso & Critter Deli, Paws to Play Dog Day Care, Natural Animal Health Food, The Classy Critter Dog Grooming, and Fluff & Buff Self-Service Pet Wash.

“We anticipate the Paws to Play Doggy Day Care will be very popular with owners who are reluctant to leave their pets unattended for long periods of time or exposed in a small outdoor enclosure,” Coleman says. “Such services are also a great way for all dogs to receive socialization and interaction with other dogs that helps them become better pets.” The service features large, communal indoor and outdoor enclosures under employee supervision at all times.

Joe Barks Espresso & Critter Deli offers fresh foods for pets prepared daily. “I’m fortunate to have a special interest and advanced training in small animal nutrition,” explains Dr. Coleman, who also is the practicing veterinarian at BlyLee’s. “I admit it seems a bit unusual to open a fresh food store for pets, but I’ve had many clients ask me how they can prepare diets for their pets at home or where they might buy fresh, wholesome foods.”

In addition, BlyLee’s Natural Animal Health Food Store carries a full line of health foods for many species, including exotic pets.  Many non-grain, hypoallergenic varieties will be available. The store also will offer a limited line of pet clothing, beds, leashes, carriers, toys and bowls.

BlyLee’s Animal Health Oasis is located at 8823 Sandifur Parkway in West Pasco, Washington.

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