Healing A Hamster’s Leg

What is the treatment and outcome for injuries to a hamster’s leg?

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A hamster that suffers a fracture might end up with a permanent limp.

Q: How can I tell if my hamster has a broken leg or has just hurt his leg? What home remedy do you suggest to make him well again?

A: If your hamster is limping or not using his leg at all, then there is an issue with either the muscles, the bone or nerves of the leg. If the soft tissues are injured, meaning the muscles or nerves, these structures may heal on their own and soon your hamster will be walking again. If the muscles or nerves are severely damaged, then your hamster may not walk properly again. If this is a bony lesion, including a fracture of the bone, your hamster will take much longer to start walking properly. 

More likely, if this is a fracture, your hamster may always walk with a limp or evidence of lameness. It is difficult predict how well your hamster will heal if a fracture is present. The extent of the damage when there is a fracture depends on a number of things including what bone is fractured, if the fracture pierced through the skin and how many pieces the bone fracture into. All of these factors are used to determine how to repair the fracture to allow proper locomotion in the future. 

No matter which type of tissue is injured, soft or bony tissue, you should visit your veterinarian as any of these conditions can be very painful and your vet will be able to prescribe medication to help your hamster.

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