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Headstand During Yoga? Cat Says ‘So What?’

Someone shoots footage of their yoga practice, achieving headstand. Cat totally messes with it.

Dedication, strength, flexibility: these three things constitute yoga success. Yet the feline in your life will likely be highly unimpressed by that.


Here’s proof: the woman in the video above is so thrilled by her yoga headstand abilities that she decides to film herself in the difficult pose. All goes smoothly, until her ginger tabby arrives on the scene, not-impressed look on his face (which manages to take up most of the screen). You’ll have to watch the 0:56 second clip to see how things progress; but let us recommend freezing the video at 0:39 for a classic ‘you’re boring me’ pose that’s full of ‘tude.

Lesson of the day: you may be thrilled by your yoga prowess. Your cat? Not so much.

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