Head Injury

Find out what to do when your pet bird suffers a head injury.


Concussions, factures or cuts can all result from head injuries. Birds can often recover quickly from seemingly serious head injuries.


Night frights causing a bird to fall of its perch, seizures, flying into objects such as ceiling fans, mirrors, windows or walls can all cause head trauma.


Visually examine your bird immediately after an incident to check for alertness and neurological signs. Check your bird for shock and examine the cranium, eyes and nares for fractures or bruising. Move the bird to a dark, cool environment.


Birds in shock after a head injury should be administered IV fluids but at a fraction of the normal volume to avoid over hydration. Antibiotics and short-term corticosteriods can be administered if a head injury is over 24 hours old and has not improved, but after several days of no improvement, neurological damage may be permanent.

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