Hawaiian Survives Tiger Shark Attack Off Big Island Of Hawaii

An estimated 13-foot tiger shark bit a huge chunk out of Braxton Rocha's thigh.

Tiger Shark ((Galeocerdo cuvier). Via Oregon State University/Flickr

Hawaiian spear fisherman Braxton John Rocha was spearfishing off Upolu Point off the Big Island of Hawaii when he got attacked by an estimated 13-foot tiger shark. The shark left a deep gash in his thigh, but Rocha, of Mahukona, HI still managed to swim in to shore, where his dive buddy called 911.

  A Big Island spear fisherman survives a tiger shark attack. Photo by Braxton Rocha/Instagram

He then, unbelievably posted a video to Instagram (which has since been removed) of him being loaded into the back of a pickup truck by his friends and talked into the camera, saying he just got attacked by a tiger shark while one his braddahs was telling him that he loved him. Rocha was flown by helicopter to a hospital for surgery. The tattoo around his neck explains a lot “Aina Guide, Aina Provide” or the land will guide you and provide for you. The wound is crazy deep and he survived the attack. A huge chunk of his left thigh is gone. If you have the stomach, the video is below.

We hope that Rocha has a speedy recovery and is out chasing Ulua once again.

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