Hawaiian Marine Biologist Releases The World’s Guide To Hawaiian Reef Fish

Movie details more than 100 fish species from five Hawaiian Islands.

Magenta Dottyback ( Pseudochromis porphyreus ). Via Brian Gratwicke/Wikipedia

A marine biologist from Hanalei, Kauai has released a video detailing virtually every reef fish in Hawaii that he encountered on more than 1,000 scuba dives on five Hawaiian islands. Terry Lilley’s seven year effort was recently completed with the release of his movie, “The World’s Guide to Hawaiian Reef Fish.”

“Seven years ago I decided to video every reef creature I could find in Hawai‘i with my underwater HD video cam, and make a professional movie,” Lilley told the GardenIsland.com. “After doing over 1,000 scuba dives on five different Hawaiian islands, my movie is finished and ready for sale. It has more than 100 of the most common fish species shot in high definition.”

Lilley shot video during the day as well as during the night to capture the creatures doing what they do every day on Hawaii’s reefs. In addition to the video footage, Lilley uses the Hawaiian name for each species of fish and details what that name means to the Hawaiians who have interacted with these species for thousands of years. The movie, which is priced at less than $25 can be purchased online at www.underwater2web.com.

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