Have Your Ferret Cake, And Eat It Too!

Create one-of-a-kind ferret-themed cakes, cupcakes and candy to tempt your taste buds!

With Easter on its way, why not “ferret up” your holiday fun by making ferret-themed snacks? Here are a few ideas ranging from very easy and great as a family project with young kids, to more advanced skills. You never know what you can do until you try it, and you could find you are a natural at it.

A ferret bake sale in front of a pet store is an interesting idea for fundraising for a shelter or club. Raffling off a ferret cake at a ferret show is another possible idea. You are only limited by your imagination, so let it run wild and dook up a fun snack.

Starting with the most difficult and continuing to the easiest, here are eight different projects to try. Click images to enlarge.

Ferret Project #1 And #2: Rolled/Sculptured Fondant Cake And Scultured Fondant Cupcakes

The directions for both the cake and cupcakes are basically the same. The cake is shown with a rolled fondant icing. I purchase fondant in large buckets from a cake supply company because it is easier and the texture is more consistent. Here is the recipe if you would like to try making fondant.

To start, take some fondant and add some food coloring. Use the paste type that can be purchased in the cake decorating section of many sores or online. Liquid colors will thin out the fondant and make it too sticky to work with. Also, use a toothpick to transfer the color to the fondant. Do not get any contaminates in the food color or it could go bad.

Once the color is on the fondant, knead it just like you would bread until the color is even. Wrap you colored piece in plastic wrap, then put it inside a plastic bag. Continue until you have all the colors that you need for your project.

Next, start making ferrets for the cakes. Using the colors you want your ferrets to be, follow the pictures by rolling out the body (add another color for the tail if you want the tail to be different). To add fondant to fondant, use a small dab of corn syrup. Add a mask if you want and make the ears by flattening a small ball. You can also press in a little pink for the inner ear if you wish. Make the eyes by putting a small ball of black on a larger ball of white fondant and flattening it.

Form a small pink or black ball and glue on for the nose and flatten the nose on the face. You might need to place something under the ferret to help hold its shape while you finish it. It will harden in a few hours, but should be propped overnight until it is firm on the inside too. Make the legs by rolling some fondant with one side a little thicker for the thigh; the thinner part will form the foot. Add all four legs.

Make foot pads by forming tiny pink balls. Set ferret aside to dry overnight. You can make albinos, DEW, cinnamon, pandas, blaze and more.

To make the outer shell for the cake, color and roll out enough fondant to drape over the cake. Then smooth out the top and sides. If you wish to, press a design into the sides. This one was done with a small pizza-cutter. After the cake is finished, place the eggs and ferrets on the cake. You can use a dab of buttercream icing to help hold the ferrets in place.

For Easter eggs, roll balls of white or pastel-colored fondant and add small balls or lines of fondant as seen in photos.

Ferret Project #3: Piped Ferret Cake
I purchased a ready-made cake for this one. First you must make your buttercream icing, You then need a few small bowls to mix the colors you use for your cake. When adding color, use a toothpick. Do not get any icing in your jar of color to help preserve it. Cover the unused icing with a damp paper towel to prevent crusting.

Take a triangular piece of parchment paper (do not use wax paper, it will fall apart). Following the green arrows in the photo, roll one outside corner up to the next corner, then roll the other outside corner around. The red dot is where your point will be. You can tape or staple the cone in place if you wish. Fill the cone with the color icing you want. With scissors, cut the tip off (about 1/8 inch). 

On the side of the cake, use your pastry tube to make circular motions going up the cake, as shown in the photo. Smooth this out with a small spatula or bread knife. Add legs. Then add a tail. Add eyes, ears and a nose in the colors you want. 

On the top of cake, in a curve shape, “pipe” a ferret body using the cone. To make a sable, pipe a darker color for legs and then a stripe down the back. Smooth the icing and add a mask on the face. Lastly, add eyes, nose and inside color for ears.

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