Have Dog, Will Travel

Sixty-one percent of respondents in new survey say they have vacationed with their pets.

The rising cost of fuel has resulted in a change of vacation plans for some pet owners, according to a new survey on traveling with pets.

More than 1,600 travelers participated in the poll, which was conducted by online community TripAdvisor. Among pet owners, 61 percent said they have traveled with a pet and 17 percent said the top reason they travel with their animals is because they enjoy spending vacation time with them. Sixty-five percent of respondents own a cat or dog.

Highlights of the survey include:

Animals in flight
Pets aboard planes are sometimes “annoying,” according to 47 percent of respondents, who cited concerns about allergies and loud pets.

Whisker withdrawal
To limit the time away from their pets, 32 percent of people take shorter vacations and 21 percent take fewer trips.

Pets and petrol
Travelers may be less likely to see Sparky on the road, as 20 percent of pet owners said they are less likely to travel with their pets this summer because of high gas prices.

“For many people, a pet is a member of the family and leaving them home is not an option,” said Michele Perry, vice president of global communications for TripAdvisor. “As it’s clear there is a demand for pet-friendly accommodations, look for more and more hotels to add pet amenities.”

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