Haunting Halloween Hazards For Your Dog

Even the most-well-behaved pooch can be terrifyingly tempted to eat something he shouldn’t. Be aware of these potential poisons to ensure the only scares this season come from ghosts and goblins.

Halloween can be a spooky and fun time for the whole family. Here are some things to help you get your dog through the holiday safely.

Halloween Candy
Candy is everywhere on Halloween, in bowls, on tables, next to doors and in trick or treat bags being carried at dog level. Candy also makes it on to the floor when spilled during the handout or dumped out for the all-important candy sort.

  • Over-Eating of Candy
    • While not all candy is specifically poisonous, large ingestions of sugary and fat in candy can lead to pancreatitis. 
  • Chocolate
    • Highly poisonous to dogs (learn more about chocolate), it is present in a substantial amount of Halloween goodies that should never be shared with your pet.
  • Candy Wrappers
    • Can be as or more dangerous than the candy itself. Foil and cellophane can cause life-threatening bowel obstructions, which may require surgery.  
  • Raisins
    • Some people switch out the usual candy for a healthy snack of raisins. Raisins are highly toxic to dogs and can cause kidney failure.


  • While many people feed small amounts of pumpkin to their dogs for health purposes, there is a big difference between cooked and pureed “food-friendly” pumpkin, and decorative, raw pumpkins. Things to know about pumpkins:
  • Dogs should not eat the shell and seeds of squash or pumpkins
  • Many decorative pumpkins and gourds are coated with materials, such as glue, glitter or shellac that can be toxic to your pet
  • Carved pumpkins can also be dangerous as they may deteriorate and grow mold over time

Halloween Costumes

  • Glow sticks and jewelry
    • Chewing on glow sticks can cause mouth pain, irritation and drooling. Ingesting a glow stick can cause intestinal blockage.
  • Halloween Costumes
    • Children’s Halloween costumes can often include small parts, glitter and unusual materials that may resemble toys or chew toys. Do not to leave the costume accessible and beware of any loose pieces that may become a doggie temptation.  
  • Dog Halloween Costumes
    • When selecting a Halloween costume for your dog, make sure that it fits well. A costume that is too restrictive or too loose could cause harm to your dog. Take time to acclimate your dog to the costume prior to the big day.
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