Hasbro Releases Line Of Cat Robots For Everyone’s Grandma To Snuggle

The Joy For All line of realistic toy pets will be aimed toward providing companionship for the elderly.

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A Joy for All Companion Cat, shown in the Orange Tabby color variety. Via Hasbro

Need a Christmas gift idea for Grandma? How about a robotic cat?

Hasbro, the company that brought you G.I. Joe action figures, Play-Doh and the unending tedium of Monopoly, has released a new line of realistic-looking pets that are being marketed toward the elderly. The first offering in its just-launched Joy For All line is a $99 lifelike-but-battery operated cat that purrs, meows and pushes its head toward your hand if you aren’t petting it enough. (So demanding, just like a real cat!)

“Joy for All Companion Pet cats are designed to bring comfort, companionship and fun for your elder loved ones,” the Hasbro website reads.

The cats each have internal sensors that respond to touch, prompting it to roll over for belly rubs or to fall asleep when you stop petting it. Each furry companion also has VibraPurr capabilities, a technology that “sounds and feels like real purring.”

We've told you a thousand times, Aunt Phyllis: the pillow is NOT for sale. Via Hasbro

We’ve told you a thousand times, Aunt Phyllis: The pillow is NOT for sale. Via Hasbro

The borderline-eerie cats are available in three color varieties — creamy white, silver and orange tabby — each with expressive eyes that definitely will not watch your grandma while she sleeps.

“I would recommend this kitty to anyone. This kitty is comfort in many ways,” a Companion Pet owner named Patricia D. said in one of the site’s testimonials, when she was in no way hypnotized by the penetrating gaze of her pseudo cat.

If you want to bring one of these almost animals into your life — or into the life of your loved ones — they’re available for purchase on Hasbro’s website and on Amazon.

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