Harsh Winter Means Nothing To These 7 Norwegian Forest Cats

Thought to be owned by Vikings, the Norwegian Forest Cat is one durable feline.

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There is no need to panic when you see three Norwegian Forest Cats in a snowy wooded area. That’s where they were meant to be! Via Ann Elizabeth Stephenson/Facebook
Katrina Rossos

Brutal Scandinavian winters caused Norwegian Forest Cats to adapt in a big, bushy way. Years of natural selection caused the Norwegian Forest Cat to develop a hefty double coat in order to survive the frigid temperatures of Norway. A warm, downy undercoat is surrounded by water-resistant guard hairs, which protect the cat from snow and ice. While the double coat may give the Norwegian Forest Cat a fancy “fluff ball” appearance, this kitty will never be begging for an extra blanket at night.

Here are seven Norwegian Forest Cats who are not intimidated by a little nip in the air:

1. “Below 30? Purr-leassee… that’s room temperature for me.”

2. “Thanks for your concern, but I don’t need mittens to climb icy branches. I’m a Norwegian Forest Cat for Pete’s sake!’

3. “This fire is completely unnecessary. Silly, silly humans.”

4. “If I fall through the snow, just look for my fuzzy tail sticking straight up. Take your time though. I’ll be fine.”

5. “There’s a saying in Norway: ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.’ Put a sweater on; you’ll be fine.”

6. “Too cold to go out? Fine. I’ll walk around the house if I must. But I’m not going to like it.”

7. “Does it look like I want hot cocoa?”

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