Happy Shiba Inu In A Swing Sparks Photoshop Battle

Because you know this dog is happy everywhere, not just in a red swing.

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So happy! Via affeisAFKIRL/Reddit
Cari Jorgensen

The Internet is full of seemingly endless photos of dogs and cats, videos of dogs and cats, articles about dog and cats and well, lots and lots of dogs and cats. Plus some other stuff. But mostly dogs and cats. They’re shared, commented on and gathered in one place on Instagram.

What would the Internet do without all these pictures of cats and dogs? Well, for one thing, there wouldn’t be any more Photoshop battles. And really, what’s the point of posting all those photos if they’re not going to inspire Photoshop battles?

The latest is of an adorably happy Shiba Inu sitting in a red swing on a playground somewhere. After Redditor affeisAFKIRL posted the image yesterday, the Photoshop battle ensued.

1. Exchanging The Swing For Swing

Who doesn’t like the sound of a cool saxophone?

2. The Thrill Of A Roller Coaster

Not everyone is enjoying the ride as much as the Shiba Inu.

3. Larger Than Life

Because dogs are taking over the world.

4. The Superhero

Iron Dog.

5. All Dogs Go To Heaven

We’re pretty sure this photo inspired the movie… or is it the other way around?

6. The Co-Pilot

It only took him three months to get his license. That’s a little less than two years for humans.

7. The Creation Of Dog

Michelangelo’s first choice for the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

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