Happy Rat Eats Spaghetti

Now THIS is a happy rat, so happy that nothing will stop him from eating his spaghetti treat.

collage of rat eating spaghetti
Via maaique/YouTube 
Three faces of rat bliss!

Happy Camper. If there were a “poster child” for this phrase, this pet rat could certainly be it. He’s totally relaxed, getting an ear rub AND noshing on some yummy plain spaghetti. It’s an OK treat for rats, since it’s unseasoned. Some table foods are safe for rats, and some are not. 

I’m impressed by how calm this rat is. Most pets don’t like to have their feet touched, but this little guy has no qualms. They practically tickle his toes, and he just lies there enjoying the pasta.

Something else this video made me think of is how pretty or handsome pet rats can be. The color of this rat is gorgeous, and his face is adorable. One thing I never really think about with rats is their whiskers. Rats certainly have them! And they not only help with a rat’s sense of touch and location, but whiskers also help with hearing. It’s true! The whiskers resonate at different frequencies, so touching those of different lengths send different messages to the rat’s brain.

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But I doubt Baby is thinking about anything but that spaghetti in this video. I can’t blame him. If I were lying down with a pile of spaghetti on my tummy, that would have my entire attention, too! But I’m sure this large portion was a special treat for the video.

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