Happy Hunter

The Rat Terrier excels at tracking pests and chasing away your blues.

“My Rat Terriers will curl up in my lap and watch television, then jump up and go hunting, or go fishing or just go,” says breeder Sylvia H. of Texas, who owns nine of them. “They love to go. These little dogs are active, but not hyper.”

The Rat Terrier is fiercely dedicated to his owners and wants to be with you. “If the dog is with their person, they’ll go to hell and back for you,” says Pam M. of California, Rat Terrier Club of America secretary and longtime Rattie breeder.

Sylvia agrees: “When I was 12, I climbed up a ladder to the stable roof, checking for a leak. When I turned around, there was a Rattie on the roof with me. Wherever you go, they go.”

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