Happy DOGust the First

Animal group designates the first day of August as a national birthday for shelter dogs.

Many rescue dog owners celebrate their pet’s birthday the date on which they adopted the animal. Now, they can designate a unified celebratory date with the unveiling of DOGust the First.

Recognizing that the actual birth dates of most shelter dogs are unknown, North Shore Animal League America encourages adopters and shelters to embrace the first day of the eighth month as a universal birthday for rescue dogs everywhere. Spokesperson Beth Ostrosky said that while often times the ages of rescued dogs are identifiable, their true birth dates are unknown.

“A birthday celebration is an opportunity to express our sentiments for one another,” she said in a statement, adding, “Now we have a day set aside to honor them and return the unconditional love and adoration they give us.”

A DOGust the First celebrity-studded birthday bash takes place Friday at the NSALA shelter, with the shelter’s cats as honored guests. The shelter dogs will blow out the candles on a “bone” cake.

In addition, there will be a humane education program for children offered by Rescue Ink, the Long Island-based animal rescue and humane education group. The guest list also includes Beth Joy Knutsen and Bella Starlet Dog, competitors on the current CBS network show, “Greatest American Dog.” Eli the Chihuahua, pet celebrity and the 2007 Milkbone Dog Biscuit box model, is also scheduled to join the festivities.

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