Happy Aquarium Hobby

There are a lot of good things about the aquarium hobby and life in general that people can use to engender a sunny disposition and rosy outlook.

Oil spill menaces Gulf, economy in the toilet, my daughter’s turning 13 – argh! These are some uncertain times we live in. It is nearly impossible to wrap my head around this disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and its long-term implications for fisheries, coastal beaches and wetlands, marine ecosystems and coral reefs, so I’ll let it continue to unfold and let the tar balls wash up where they may.

I can’t undo an oil spill or fix the economy or keep my eldest child in some prepubescent state. But I don’t have to let events beyond my control (oil spills, not birthdays) wreck my day. I’ve been unfairly burdened from birth (I presume) with a sour demeanor that could curdle a glass of milk (a half-empty one at that), so why help it along by vacuuming up all this negativity in the news and having it rattle around my head with no way to process it. Do I really need to see one more photo of a dead, oil-soaked seagull? There really is a lot of good out there, but you just have to go and find it. FishChannel is definitely one of those places that people in the hobby can go to be informed, entertained and encouraged.

You probably didn’t even realize it, but I changed my serious blog face to a smiley, more inviting one. Which version do you prefer?

It is especially for that last reason (encouragement) that I had our FishChannel Associate Web Editor Ben Weiner remove my “serious,” frowning blog mug and replace it with a smiling, warmer version. Personally, I got tired of looking at my previous one, which seemed to convey the message: “Yeah, what’s so good about it?” At least the new one is feigning a smile of sorts. Baby steps – it’s a start.

What are some of the encouraging things about the hobby that you use to hang your hat on?

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