Happy 40th Anniversary to CAT FANCY

CAT FANCY celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2005. Cat lovers and celebrities shared their well wishes.

We want to share the salutes and kind cheers we received from a few of our friends and cat fanciers that have appeared in CAT FANCY magazine. The editors of CAT FANCY would like to thank you, our friends, subscribers, cat fanciers and loyal readers for your kind support over the years.

“Congratulations, CAT FANCY, for decades of entertainment and informative feline reading. Keep up the amazing work.” Jillian Barberie, TV personality, “Good Day L.A.”

“Baseball has been good to me for the past 40 years, just like CAT FANCY has been good for cats. Congratulations on 40 years of feline fun!” Tony La Russa, manager of St. Louis Cardinals

“What would Garfield say to a publication totally devoted to cats on the occasion of its 40th anniversary? ‘Big Fat Hairy Deal?’ ‘Meow?’ ‘In dog years you’d be dead?’ Actually, Garfield would probably say, ‘Any magazine that glorifies cats is A-OK with me!’ What would I say? Congratulations CAT FANCY on keeping cat lovers entertained and informed for 40 years! You were onto the whole ‘cat chic’ thing long before the rest of the world caught up. Garfield and I wish you many years of continued success!” Jim Davis, creator of Garfield

“Happy 40th anniversary to all the staff, readers and the pussycats themselves at CAT FANCY magazine. Keep up the great job for a long time to come. We all love the little furry chaps dearly. But remember, no one fancies a cat more than the cats themselves!” Ian Anderson, frontman for the Grammy Award-winning rock band Jethro Tull

“Birthday purrs to CAT FANCY, my cats’ and my favorite read. You are our prime source in matters feline, be they informative, inspiring or humorousor offering us adventure. CAT FANCY is, as well, Joe Grey’s source for gorgeous, four-pawed pin-ups (tomcats are all the same!).” Shirley Rousseau Murphy, author of the Joe Grey, P.I. mystery series

 “I thought I was one of those people who disliked cats. But Cindy completely changed all that. And now with the addition of little Milo, well, I can only hope that they accept me as one of their own. Meow. Happy 40th Anniversary CAT FANCY!” Bill Brochtrup, actor from the hit TV drama “N.Y.P.D. Blue”

“After 40 years the words ‘CAT FANCY’ still illuminate the special wants, needs and characteristics of cats. Although I’m a veteran veterinarian and life-long cat lover, there’s never an issue of CAT FANCY where I don’t learn something new that helps my cats or my feline patients. Happy birthday!” Marty Becker, DVM, resident veterinarian on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and CAT FANCY contributing editor

“Congratulations on achieving your 40-year anniversary in providing a quality magazine to the world of cats! CAT FANCY has consistently provided a top-notch magazine that provides interesting information across the entire gamut of cat lovers, be they owned by just one cat, or a serious breeder-fancier. I look forward to, and hopefully will share, the next 40 years with CAT FANCY magazine!” Pam DelaBar, president, Cat Fanciers’ Association Inc.

“Forty years covering all-things-cat: what a purr-fect occasion to scratch down a few good wishes! I am pleased and ‘trilled’ to add my head-bonks of congratulationsand toss a few celebratory sparkle balls in the air. May CAT FANCY enjoy another nine lives educating readers how to preserve the loving bond we share with our feline friends.” Amy D. Shojai, author of “Complete Kitten Care” and more than 17 other pet care books

“My family, along with our cats Fred, Ricky and Spunky (who chose to sit this one out) wish you a happy 40th birthday, CAT FANCY.” Robert David Hall, actor from the hit TV drama “C.S.I.”

Join the celebration, and don’t miss out on this special birthday edition of CAT FANCY.

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