‘Hannah Montana’ Actor Stars in Dog Movie

Moises Arias, of the latest "Beethoven” film, says acting with dogs can be tough.

Moises Arias of “Beethoven’s Big Break,” the sixth film in the “Beethoven” series, says he loved acting alongside the Saint Bernard who played the film’s title role.

“We could play with him and push him around because he weighs like 150 pounds,” the 10-year-old actor told Colorado’s La Voz newspaper. “I have two dogs and they weigh like 4 pounds.”

Arias, who also stars in Disney’s “Hannah Montana,” says filming a movie with dog actors can also be tough. “When I watched the other ‘Beethoven’ movies, I always wondered how they got the dog to do certain things,” Arias said. “Finally, I got to see how they train them.” For example, Arias said, “they put baby food on me so he’d lick my face.”

The New York City-born actor says he enjoys the feeling of freedom he gets from acting.

“It’s a different way of – I guess you could say being a different person,” he says. “You get to be a punk kid one day and get to be the happiest kid on Earth the next. I think doing different roles is so fun.”

“Beethoven’s Big Break” is out on DVD now.

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