Hamsters Scamper Into Your Heart

Bright and bold hamsters make busy companion pets that add joy to their owners' lives.

hamster articleOpening your home to a hamster opens a world of adorable mannerisms and playful interaction that can be a rewarding experience for you both. A hamster’s needs are simple, and the basics are the same for all the pet hamster species.
A hamster’s home should provide three things: security, safety and comfort. Hamsters are escape artists, so a secure home keeps the hamster where it belongs. Tank covers must clip on firmly. Check for weak spots on modular-style homes where tubes connect or doors can be worked open from inside. Think like a rodent eager to explore the whole world — if it weren’t for that one pesky latch. If the home has more than one opening, teach your family to open only one door to let the hamster out, to leave that door open, and to return the hamster to the cage through that same door.

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