Hamsters, Guinea Pigs And Rabbits Try To Predict The 2014 World Cup

With visions of glory, and perhaps Paul The Octopus, dancing in their heads, pet owners are taking to video to show off their psychic, and not-so-psychic pets!

Every four years it happens. The FIFA World Cup arrives and fans of football (soccer to those in the United States) rejoice at the monthlong competition. But it’s not just football fans who are enjoying the event. Pet owners and enthusiasts of every type of animal are enjoying the games a whole new way through animal oracles. At least, people hope the animals are oracles that possess some psychic power that can predict the outcome of matches.

During the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Paul The Octopus from Germany gained fame because of his accurate predictions. Paul passed away in late 2010, so the question at this World Cup is: Can any animal match Paul’s record of predictions?

This month, many have stepped forward to test their powers of prediction, including an elephant, snail and tortoises. But what about the small animal pets? Are they represented? Of course! Below are videos from nine of the contenders, including five hamsters, two guinea pigs and two rabbits. Those posting the videos range from radio stations to an air shuttle to pet owners. Looks like it’s going to be a wild few weeks as the matches between the 32 teams culminate in one winner. Who will that be? Don’t ask me! Ask Fernando, Hank, Gimsy, Laput or any of the animal oracles. And perhaps your own small animal pet might have predictive powers!

Fernando The Hamster


Norbert The Hamster


Hank The Hamster


Doogie The Hamster


Jorge The Hamster


Madame Shiva The Guinea Pig

Gimsy The Guinea Pig

Laput The Rabbit


George The Rabbit


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