Hamsters And Other Pets

Take precautions when bringing other pets into a home with a hamster.

hamster isn’t the type of pet that gets buddy-buddy with other animals. It doesn’t like other hamsters, although some dwarf hamsters get along in same-sex pairs, and it’s not going to make friends with a cat, dog, bird or rabbit. A hamster is happy to spend time with its person or to be by itself.

Hamsters can live safely in a household with other pets, however, if proper precautions are taken. Keep the hamster’s cage well out of reach of any cats or dogs. If possible, put it in a room that the other animals don’t have access to. Put other animals out of the room and close the door before taking a hamster out of its cage for playtime. Never trust other animals alone with a hamster, no matter how well they seem to get along. Even a small, gentle dog can accidentally injure or kill a hamster in play, and a cat will simply view the hamster as a delicious snack.

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