Hamster Uses Slide In A Unique Way

Sure, slides are for sliding, but one hamster has found a creative way to use a slide in an unexpected way.

dwarf hamster on slide
Via ASophisticatedMess/YouTube 
This hamster has learned that slides are not just for sliding.

A hamster exercising on a hamster wheel? That is so last year. Slides are the new exercise equipment — and not necessarily in the way you might expect. Remy the dwarf hamster gives a perfect example of a newfangled way to use a slide to get an excellent workout. And the best part is that he remains in complete control. There’s no risk of hurtling off of a wheel or being spun around inadvertently. It’s also just plain adorable to watch.

As the video title suggests, “Run, Remy, Run!”

Not that exercise wheels are anything bad. Those are still integral to any hamster’s life. After all, hamsters need exercise and lots of it. In the wild, hamsters can search for miles each night to gather food. But a slide adds a whole new dimension to hamster living. 

And if you think that only dwarf hamsters can enjoy a slide, think again. A longhaired Syrian hamster named Bernard shows the world what can be done with a slide as he seems to devise a game all his own in his playground, and a slide plays an integral part.

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