Hamster Travel Tips

Be prepared when traveling with a hamster.

Occasionally, you may need to take a hamster to the veterinarian, to stay with a pet sitter or even on a move to a new home. You’ll want to transport the hamster safely and comfortably so it isn’t stressed by the excursion. Luckily, hamster carriers are available.

Travel Carriers
The best carrier is sturdy and escape-proof. Look for one made of plastic, not wire or cardboard. Wire could expose the hamster to the elements and doesn’t offer the privacy that hamsters prefer, and cardboard is easily chewed.

A carrier can be smaller than the hamster’s regular cage because it’s only for short-term use. It should be ventilated, with a self-locking top. If your hamster is an escape artist, provide added security by weighting the top with something while your pet is being transported.

If you’re taking your hamster to the veterinarian, take the usual precautions to prevent an escape. Be sure the veterinarian is in the exam room and the doors to it are closed before removing your hamster from the carrier.

Hamster Sitter Tips
When you go on vacation and must leave your hamster behind, place it in the care of an experienced friend, neighbor or pet sitter. Show the caretaker beforehand how to pick up the hamster, how much food to give, and how to clean the cages, dishes and accessories. Leave a written feeding and cleaning schedule that the caretaker can refer to, as well as contact information for the hamster’s veterinarian if necessary.

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