Hamster Steals Toilet Paper

If you’re missing some toilet paper and have a hamster in the house, this video shows why you might want to check the hamster cage!

hamster putting toilet paper in nest
Via JohnDownerProd/YouTube  
The toilet paper is dry after being removed from the cheek pouches.

The things that pets can do never cease to amaze me. Take the hamster. This species is well-known for being a hoarder and stuffing its cheeks. And John Downer Productions, the team behind the fascinating series “Pets — Wild At Heart,” introduced us to how much hamsters can stuff into their cheeks in a previous video. This video documents that hamster not only stuffing his cheeks, but escaping from his, finding toilet paper to plunder and then returning to his cage to unload his booty and fluff up his nest. 

The way the video is shot and edited, you can almost hear the hamster thinking about the next step to take. Narration is done by David Tennant.

Beyond the cuteness and cleverness of the hamster, the video is awe-inspiring in the way it’s filmed. In a Facebook post, John Downer Productions quoted what the Royal Television Society had to say about “Pets — Wild At Heart,” which recently won the Design & Craft Innovation Award For Pets from the RTS. 

“This year the judges have awarded the RTS Design & Craft Innovation Award to a series on pets that was anything but domestic in terms of its visual flair and technical wizardry.

We witnessed how our favourite pets stay in touch with their wild side – from talkative budgies and marathon-running hamsters to wall-climbing cats and an island where rabbits rule – this was an eye-popping series filled with innovative photography and scientific revelation.”

The quote goes on to describe the different camera systems and techniques used to create the final product.

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“Pets — Wild At Heart” aired on the BBC earlier this year and in the fall on PBS in the United States. Parts 1 and 2, both running a little more than 15 minutes, are available for download at the BBC website.

For the inside story on the hamster and how he became a star, check out the blog by the series producer, Philip Dalton.

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