Hamster Shows His Love Of Pokémon By Dressing In A Cubone Onesie

The 2-month-old hamster fits perfectly in the Cubone kigurumi keychain.

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When hamsters get into cosplay. Via _o_mimimi/Twitter
Cari Jorgensen

It’s the fall season. The weather is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing color and our pets are being dressed up in costumes. Some are showing their concerns over the avocado shorter in California by dressing up like one. Others fancy numerous costumes. And still others are all about the cosplay.

Take Haruka, for instance. He’s a 2-month-old hamster living in Japan with his owner, who happens to have a Pikachu keychain. The accessory features the yellow Pokémon character in a kigurumi — aka Japanese onesie — made to look like another Pokémon character, Cubone.

When Haruka’s owner took the suit off Pikachu, the little hamster thought it decided it looked so cozy he had to put it on himself. So he crawled right in, Crunchy Roll reports. And, of course, what happened next is what any hamster owner would do: He took a picture of Haruka in the costume and posted it on Twitter. Since then, the image has gained 53,789 likes and 38,386 retweets. Just look at the picture and you can see why.

How cute is Haruka?

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