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Hamster Playtime

Know when it’s a good time to play with a hamster.

Hamsters love to play and enjoy interacting with their people once they’ve been tamed. Take them out for playtime and cuddling at least once a day. Of course, a hamster’s “day” starts after sunset and ends the next morning, so it’s important to play when the hamster is bright-eyed and alert. Some hamsters have one or two short waking periods during the afternoon as well, and these can also be good for playtime.

If you have an out-of-cage play area for your hamster, first be sure that it’s escape-proof. Hamsters are speedy little creatures and may climb higher or squeeze through smaller spaces than you thought they could. It’s also a good idea to make the play space inviting by placing bedding or toys in it that have the scent of the hamster’s cage. That way he’ll feel more at home.

Add new toys regularly to both the cage and the play area. Hamsters get bored playing with or chewing on the same old thing every day. When you add a new toy, remove an old one. You don’t want the cage or play area to become too crowded. You can add back an old toy after it’s been retired for a while; your hamster will think it’s something new.

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