Hamster Photo Wins First-Ever Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

One of nature’s smaller mammals won out over photos that included lions, giraffes, gorillas, stags and more.

European Hamster running
Via Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Facebook 
Run, hamster, run!

Sometimes silly happens, even in nature. In celebration of the lighter side of wildlife, a new photo contest was born this year, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. It was founded by professional wildlife photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks, who was one of seven judges. The entry deadline was October 1, and an awards night took place on November 11 and winners were announced on November 12.

A photo of a European hamster on the run won first place for Julian Rad of Austria. His prize includes a one-week photo safari in Tanzania and Nikon DSLR D750. European hamsters (Cricetus cricetus) are a separate species that’s in a different genus from the pet hamster species. The natural habitat of European hamsters, also called black-bellied hamsters, ranges across 18 European countries and China, being more prevalent in the east. The IUCN Red List notes that while it is abundant globally, its population in some European states has declined drastically. It’s considered extinct in Luxembourg. 

Who knows what this little hamster was running to or from. The congratulations posted on the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Facebook page for the awards state:

“HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Julian Rad from Austria with his winning image of the wild European Hamster, technically incredible and hilariously funny.”

Second place was a photo of a stag having issues with its fern lunch by William Richardson and third place went to a photo of a gorilla picking its nose by Oli Dreike.

This was no small-time contest, despite it being a first-time event. Entries were sent in from 52 countries by more than 1,500 people, according to The Mirror.

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