Hamster Participates In Maze, Gets Caught Cheating

This just in: hamster tries to cheat – more than once – during this week’s Hamster Maze coverage.

On May 16, 2015, Misty the hamster participated in the great Hamster Maze games presented by KimmieGreen17 on YouTube. The maze, made up of sturdy cardboard and nontoxic hot glue, was carefully constructed for the games. SmallAnimalChannel tuned in to report on the event.

Misty, who was busy preparing for her first-ever attempt at completing the Hamster Maze, was unavailable for comment. No doubt she was doing her warm-up exercises and taking deep breaths to calm her nerves. New to the sport, Misty did not yet have any pre-event rituals. Previous competitors often refrained from eating for a few minutes, knowing the prize was a bowl of treats. Others did jumping jacks and jogged in place.

Spectators were treated to a view of the maze and a look at the prize before Misty took her place at the entrance. Misty was introduced and began about one minute after the crowd took their seats. She started out pretty well, at times looking over the maze walls for clues. Luckily, this is allowed in the Hamster Maze event. However, she broke the rules when she attempted to cheat. The crowd was shocked when she was not immediately disqualified. One spectator wondered aloud if the rules had been changed or if Misty were in some way related to the judges, especially since she tried to cheat more than once.

Watch Misty participate in the Hamster Maze by clicking the video above. Be sure to tell us what you think.

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