Hamster Nose-Dives Into Tunnel After Falling Sleep

An adorable dwarf hamster named Haru was too sleepy to realize the danger at his side.

view of hamster rear in tunnel
Via Ohamu @ portrait is drawn/Vine 
Falling asleep can be dangerous for hamsters sitting in the wrong spot!

Their pudgy cheeks, lightning-fast grooming, and tiny hands and feet have secured hamsters in the lexicon of cuteness, but one hamster has upped the ante. How? By falling asleep in possibly the most laugh-out-loud way possible. The moment was captured by a Japanese hamster owner from Chiba prefecture in a video uploaded to Vine in February 2015 (see below).

The six-second Vine video shows what happened when little Haru the hamster couldn’t fight off falling asleep anymore. He’s perched on a shelf in his cage that connects to a tunnel, and he’s dangerously close to the opening of the tunnel as he nods off. Sure enough, when he tips over in full-sleep mode, he falls head first into the tunnel. We’re left with a view of an adorable hamster behind and little rear feet. The full 45-second video is posted to YouTube, but the Vine captures the noteworthy moments.

And this isn’t the only time Haru has had a run-in with that tunnel opening. The poor little Djungarian hamster (what we call a Winter White dwarf hamster in the United States) suffered at least one other moment of klutziness thanks to that gaping opening. A second Vine posted only a few days ago shows that after a bit of exuberant grooming in that same spot on the shelf, Haru falls feet first into the Tunnel Of Irresistible Attraction. 

Thank you for delighting us with your silly antics, Haru. For your own safety, might I suggest that you rethink your favorite resting spot?

The artist who posted the videos is also on Twitter and posted a bit about them. 

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