Hamster Named Snickers Is Best Friends With A Rottweiler

Sometimes small animals adjust nicely with the other animal species in the house.

unlikely friendship
©Caters TV/YouTube
Snickers and Razor are total BFFs.

Whenever one brings a new small animal into the household, the fear is that he or she won’t get along with the other animals, especially if the other animal is a dog. But that doesn’t mean an unlikely friendship could never develop. And for owner Ria Mitchell, that’s exactly what happened.

She adopted Razor, a Rottweiler, when he was still a puppy. Razor was saved from drug users who were training him to fight, the YouTube description states. Luckily, the training didn’t stick and Razor turned out to be a “gentle giant.” He’s so gentle, in fact, that he easily made friends with Snickers, Mitchell’s Syrian hamster.

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Mitchell told Metro that “Razor and Snickers are best friends. He’s so good natured and gentle and I think he likes having something to look after. He’s like a daddy around her. Snickers isn’t fazed by him at all. She is definitely the boss as she is a stroppy madam. She often chases him around and makes him lie down while she clambers on him. Razor has learnt to just lie down and not move when she wants to do this. I think he enjoys it like a massage. It’s very cute to watch.”

Want to see just how cute it is? Check out the video below.

Have you introduced a new small animal to other species in your house? Share how it went in the comments below.

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