Hamster Housing Maintenance

Develop a schedule to keep your hamster’s environment clean.

Hamsters are clean little animals and they like their surroundings to be clean as well. A clean environment is important for a hamster’s good health.

With this in mind, expect to clean a hamster’s cage and accessories weekly. You may need to clean twice weekly if the cage contains more than one hamster.

To clean the cage, remove the hamster to a safe holding area. Use hot soapy water or nontoxic disinfectant or detergent to clean the cage, dishes and other accessories. Rinse thoroughly and dry the cage and other items completely, then add clean bedding and replace the dishes and furnishings.

Bedding should be checked daily to remove droppings, dirty bedding and caches of old food. Change bedding once or twice a week, as needed.

Every day, remove the water bottle, clean it and refill it with fresh water. This prevents the build up of algae or bacteria. At the same time, check the sipper tube to make sure that it isn’t clogged.

Hamster Housekeeping Schedule
Daily: Clean water bottle and add fresh water; check sipper tube; remove droppings, dirty bedding and old food

Once or twice weekly: Clean cage, food dishes, toys and other accessories; change bedding

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