Hamster In Hoodie Gets Into All Kinds Of Shenanigans During Photoshop Battle

Hoodie hammie pic was made for photo editing.

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Hammie with a blue hood, blue hood on. Via RationalIdiot/Reddit
Anastasia Thrift

We’ve seen Photoshop battles team tabbies with Godzilla, Golden Retrievers with Mick Jagger, tuxedo cats with cowboys and a Husky with Ewoks. But the latest photo-editing showdown might truly be the winner.

A tiny hamster in a tiny hoodie is the latest subject of a Photoshop battle that began on Reddit yesterday. Redditor RationalIdiot put up the unbelievably cute picture and let the internet do the rest.

The results are superb. Enjoy.

1. In This Corner…

Get this hamster some water.

2. Haminham.

Mic drop.

3. Hamvenger.

We can’t say it better than Redditor anotherandomuser: “Captain Hamerica.”

4. Ham Slice.

It’s hard out there for a hamster.

5. Vending Ham.

Best thing we’ve seen for a quarter.

6. The Hamster Strikes Back.

“Luke, I am your hamster.”

7. Game Of Exercise Wheels.

Hamster is coming.

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