Hamster Has Mucousy Poop And Squeaks

What can be done to help a hamster that looks unwell, squeaks and has strange poop.

backside of hamster
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A healthy hamster has fluffy, well-groomed fur, no discharge from the tail area or odd-looking poop,
and moves about normally, not hunched.

Q: Today we noticed that our hamster looks like she is not doing well. She has mucousy poop coming out of her bottom, and she is squeaking lightly. She is sitting hunched over in her cage. Is there anything we can do to make her better? We do not have a small animal vet in the area.

A: This may be due to the condition called “wet tail,” which is an overall term for infection of the intestinal system. Regardless, your hamster definitely could be helped by seeing a veterinarian who knows about small mammals.

I understand that there are many areas where you cannot find a veterinarian that fits that description. But fortunately with many databases online and many colleagues just a keyboard click or phone call away, expert help is easy to find.

If you do not have a veterinarian who treats small animals in your area, then find a veterinarian in your area who is willing to consult with veterinary colleagues and help you. Once you have done that, then your veterinarian can help decide on the best treatment.

It is likely that you will need to supplement some fluids and nutrition, as hamsters can need supportive care if they are not eating or drinking well while they have wet tail. Also, your veterinarian may need to add in antibiotics or a deworming medication to help your hamster.

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