Hamster Elimination Habits

Clean your hamster’s elimination area daily for a happy, healthy pet.

Hamsters generally choose one specific area where they eliminate. To keep a hamster healthy and satisfied with its surroundings, clean this area daily, using a slotted scooper to remove droppings, uneaten food and soiled bedding. Longhaired hamsters, especially, can suffer soiled fur, urine scald and hutch burn if they spend much time in a cage where urine and feces have accumulated.

Housetraining isn’t really essential for hamsters because they’re unlikely to be roaming the house on their own. You can, however, learn to anticipate a hamster’s need to go potty. If you notice that it’s becoming restless while you hold it, put it back in its cage. You’ll probably find that it runs over to its potty area right away to use it. You may also find that the hamster grows a little warmer in your hand right before it pees or poops on you. If you notice this, it’s a signal to set the hamster back in its cage, quick, before you have a little mess to clean up.

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